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This site contains Knowledge, a unique Knowledge that until now was not available for those who wish. This Knowledge is about numerous mysteries of Life, a structure of the Universe, Spirit, Mind and many other things... All books, publications and pictures presented on this site, reveal Knowledge about principles of the origin of the Universe itself and Life in it, laws of rise of thinking and consciousness and many other things...

Who are we? We are scattered all over the world, to different countries of Europe and America, to different cities of Canada and Australia. What united us, the inhabitants of different countries? It is love for our common planet, striving for truth, knowledge, searching for something new.

We all live at a very interesting time when pseudo-scientific modern conceptions cannot conceal the ignorance hidden behind them. What ignorance, – someone may exclaim surprisingly, – it is impossible to talk about any kind of ignorance when our world is practically "overloaded" with the information of new discoveries, phenomena, hypotheses and theories and their practical realization.

Getting acquainted with the scientifically grounded works of Nikolai Levashov awakened in us the understanding of many cause and effect relationships of our reality and awakened the responsibility, desire and desire to take an active part in the right cause of awakening people on the planet Earth from a heavy mental sleep, inspired by social parasites. It is not easy to find like-minded people in places where we live, and we, at times, are loners in our countries in our striving for a correct understanding of what is happening on Earth. Having united in Movement "Revival. Golden Age", we got an opportunity to communicate with colleagues in a similar situation and thereby support each other and help.

Thanks to Skype conferences and the Internet, we hold conferences and share information, knowledge, experience. The rich accumulated experience and theoretical substantiation of many "mystical" mysteries of nature have led us to create this site where we can share our knowledge and discoveries with people who care about the fate of our civilization, the future of our common home - the planet Earth.

Each of us wants to live our lives with dignity and fullness in the environment of people who are dear to us and are interesting, whom we want and can trust. We all want to have a true partner in life, a close and strong family, to give birth and bring up smart and healthy children. We want to grow spiritually, create with joy! It would seem, what is new or original in this aspiration? It is necessary to take and do! It turned out that not everything is so simple. The fact is that in customary deeds and intentions one can act with knowledge, achieving a much better result, or you can just stumble on the spot and finally drop your hands, losing the meaning of life.

On this site, we suggest that you learn about how much important information a person misses by paying attention to and why. About how the new and unusual can be found in the long familiar and familiar, and thus, well hidden from us. About who, how and why created the conditions that are suitable mainly for survival in extreme conditions, and not for a full life, worthy of the Reasonable Man. About how our distant ancestors lived ... All these "secrets" can be uncovered, if only a little stop their run after the imposed illusory ideas about freedom and democracy and think about, try to collect a complete and real sequence of events that took place on our beloved planet, with all the interrelationships.

We learned that everyone can learn how to act effectively and successfully, by studying past mistakes of individuals as well as entire civilizations! We try to help each other find a way through the maze of information that forces most of us to move chaotically, blindly and repeat the same program of actions, to play the same role ... Moving with us in mastering the information of our site, you, finally, can you understand "Who are you?" and "Why are you living?", you will learn the true history of mankind, and not the fictitious and imposed by us ruling elite. You will receive scientific substantiations of many "magical" phenomena, natural puzzles, causes of diseases and ways of healing. You can develop imagery and clarity of thinking, without using any psychedelic methods, neither chemistry, nor hypnosis. We together with you will select the keys to the doors of the labyrinth of the universe and learn to choose those doors that lead to freedom.

We have already seen that the universal key obtained from the books and theory of Nikolai Viktorovich Levashov, the leader and inspirer of our Movement, really helps to move in the right direction, and you will not cease to be surprised at how beautiful and multifaceted our world is hidden behind the artificial scene of deception . Our site is not in vain called "Wake up now", since only a person awakened from a dream can pay attention to the fact that separate, scattered pictures of habitual and everyday reality, and seemingly not attracting our attention, can be assembled together. Then they become expressive fragments of one whole real multi-dimensional picture of our being. We hope that the information of the site "Wake up now" will resonate in your soul and you will become a frequent visitor, and maybe our constant friend or companion, to whom we are always happy!
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