The Theory of the Universe and Objective Reality

The Theory of the UniverseBy Nicolai Levashov

For several millennia, man has constantly tried to fathom the vast volumes of space surrounding him. Various models of the Universe and ideas about humanity’s place in it were created to this end. Gradually, these concepts became the so-called, scientific theory of the Universe. This theory was finally crystallized in the middle of the 20th century. Albert Einstein’s Relativity Theory became the basis of the Big Bang theory that exists today.

All the other theories of reality, in principle, are only particular cases of this theory. That is why human conceptions about the Universe and, more importantly, the future of civilization, depend upon the accuracy with which the theory of the Universe reflects the true state of affairs. Different technologies, devices and machines are created on the basis of the concepts about nature. Therefore, the existence or non-existence of Earth civilization depends upon what kinds of technologies are created.

Nicolai Levashov and his work

nlhwas seen through the eyes of an American doctor/trainee
by Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D.
Fellow and former attending staff member, Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC

Did this man find the key for cracking the cosmic code and
unraveling nature’s most baffling secrets?

In response to the many queries I’ve fielded about Academician Nicolai Levashov (his official title), I’d like to share my near-decade of experience as his student, trainee, book editor, archiver of his peer-reviewed medical records, administrative assistant and author of several articles on his work which were aired in reputable alternative medical or scientific journals.

I will rely on first hand observations I have gleaned over the years.

What I personally witnessed surpassed anything I could have imagined or dreamed.


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